150 Trees and Me

In 2016, we began as a study group on Pacific Northwest forests.  Through our study, we began to realize how necessary trees are in urban areas, including the Emerald City of Seattle.  Since most of us live in Seattle, in 2017 we decided to focus on tree advocacy efforts in the city.  We advocate for trees because we loved them as children, and still do.  We climbed on them, shaded ourselves under them, looked up into the warm summer sun through their leaves, and saw the stars at night filtered through their leaves.  Perhaps as you read this, you connect with your childhood memories of trees and good times.  Our love grew into advocacy as we learned that trees sequester carbon, and provide a myriad range of health benefits.

We are currently engaged in a campaign to encourage Seattle City Council to pass the strongest possible Tree Ordinance to protect the trees in our city from being cut down.

If you would like more information, or would like to join our efforts, contact Carolyn Rodenberg,

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