Little Green Groups

Little Green Groups are here to support and inspire people who are deeply concerned about climate change and want to take specific, meaningful, positive steps within their homes and communities.

Climate change can seem overwhelming and paralyzing to a person alone. By becoming part of a supportive and inspiring community, we not only *feel* more effective, we *are* more effective!

Posts may include anything along the lines of: specific challenges to reduce water and energy consumption among members and sharing supportive tips and best practices for how to do so, opportunities to build community gardens with and for neighbors, planning local ecological restoration projects, pollinator pathways, backyard wildlife habitat, ride-sharing and meet-ups to attend local hearings and public meetings, promoting film screenings on related topics, and sharing articles and information on climate change, prevention, adaptation, and community resiliency, etc.

We'd love to have you join us.

Little Green Groups are hyper-local so people can take ownership of their specific place, get to know one another, and form real community. If one does not exist in your area, please contact us for information on how to start a Little Green Group. 


  1. I found your group while looking up listings on the Indivisible website. On behalf of the group with which I am working, I am trying to reach out to other groups so we can coordinate efforts when appropriate. Would love to get contact information for someone in your group. If someone could email me at, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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