Taming Big Foot

Next planning meeting is Wed May 17th at 7pm University Unitarian church, 6556 - 35th Ave NE

Do you know what your carbon foot print is?  Do you know what changes you would have to make in your lifestyle to achieve a sustainable carbon foot print?  Do you know what policy changes our country would have to make in order to achieve liveable carbon reduction.  Taming Bigfoot is a friendly team based competition designed to help participants reduce their carbon foot print and  learn the answers to those questions.

 The competition is titled Taming Bigfoot to emphasize the goal of getting a handle on carbon emissions in the Pacific Northwest.  The competition is designed to help residents answer the commonly put questions of "what can I do to make a difference?" and "how do I know how much of a difference I make?" In addition to the core educational aspect, other key characteristics of the competition are to make it both fun and easy for participants and to strengthen community ties  by working with others in what is clearly a common need.

It was successfully run in Port Townsend, Jefferson County, in 2016.  Team applications were encouraged but individuals could apply as well. Each team was required to have seven members representing diversity within the community. In all, 14 complete teams applied, including teams from two churches, a food co-op, local schools and various county organizations. A fifteenth team was assembled from individual applicants.  105 people participated overall.

What were the results?  A number of team members have adopted less carbon-intensive behaviors on an on-going basis (83% of survey respondents said they will incorporate the changes they made into the future); they are learning to ask about local products and organic produce; and they are better prepared to help their friends and neighbors make better, more sustainable choices.  This is the first step to encourage people to not only reduce their personal carbon footprint but also to work on passing local and state legislation to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Please join us for an enjoyable and informative presentation by the originator of Taming Bigfoot, Dr. Bob Bindschadler, a retired NASA scientist now living in Quilcene, WA.  The Faith Action Climate Team invites you to his presentation at University Unitarian Church on Sunday, 6556 35th Avenue NE, Seattle, on Sunday, February 26, at 3 P.M.  Please bring anyone and everyone that may be interested in participating in a Seattle competition!  Questions?  Contact Deejah at sherpeterd@comcast.net or Andie at ablong314@gmail.com .


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